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This is MumblingNerd’s desperate, I mean disparate, assemblage of jokes and asinine social media posts and word play…

Artisanal (All MumblingNerd word-play is crafted by hand)
Organic (Naturally produced with daft stuff, but no organs)
GM Free (No extra charge for genetic modification)
Fat Free (Well, okay, I am a bit overweight)
Free Range (No restrictions on the range of jokes included)
Locally Sauced (But not too saucy; occasional innuendo)

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Some of the jokes are repeated in different sections, sometimes because they’re relevant to that group, but mainly because they’re funny. Well they make me laugh anyway.

All of the material collected here has been posted, often many times, on social media. It has all either been gleaned from social media by me or it’s been written by me. If you spot any material that is owned by or is the copyright of someone else, please let me know and I will remove it as soon as I can.

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